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Ancilla Beef
Ancilla Beef
Ancilla Beef

Ancilla Beef

Ancilla beef is raised in a caring environment. Attention is given to raising crops and animals without the use of potentially harmful additives.

Ancilla Beef

The grass fed cattle graze on our pastures from spring until early winter and are supplemented in the winter with the hay and silage.

Ancilla Beef

The farm was given the River Friendly Farmer of Indiana award. This is a recognition given to farmers who help protect and improve Indiana's soil and water resources for future generations.

What our customers are saying...

  • Anna Kearney

    Have purchased before. Excellent meat!!         . Read More
  • Rochella Ransom

    My family loves having beef grown where we know where it came from.The flavor is outstanding.Easy to pick up. The Read More
  • Peggy Awald

    I am so glad that I have discovered Ancilla Beef. I purchase the canned beef to make delicious vegetable soup, Read More
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Ancilla Beef is available for pickup only. We are not able to ship it.
Nov 06 2017

Our beef is not treated with hormones or antibiotics.

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